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Greetings, Friends!

Welcome to my site. Most of you will know me as the award-winning author of Raisin’ Brains, Intelligent Life in the Classroom (with Tamara Fisher), Life in the Fast Brain, and, my personal favorite, 231 Other Ways to Use a Sanitary Napkin. (My husband calls it “the book that shall not be named.”)

However, I am about to indulge my artistic impulses and set out on another creative adventure. On April 7, I will be launching a line of handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry and handbags as well as a line of greeting cards under the name CALLIA by Karen Isaacson (hence the picture to the right). CALLIA will make its debut  exclusively at Apricot Lane, Missoula but will soon be coming to the new Apricot Lane, Bozeman this fall.

The jewelry and handbags are only available in the store, but the greeting cards are available for purchase on this site, and, as always, you can purchase my books here as well.

CALLIA label 2

The new label!


And in other news...

I’m sitting here in southern Idaho, waiting for the grass to defrost. I had a nice little break in January when I flew to Louisiana to present at the Louisiana Council for Exceptional Children conference. (Met some wonderful people and tried some hushpuppies!)  I’m heading to Montana soon to attend the Apricot Lane, Missoula Grand Opening. And then I hope to hide out in my studio and create to my heart’s content! (In between laundry, dishes, and the desperate scramble to find something for dinner that is healthy enough to ease my conscience and yet simple enough to prepare in fifteen minutes or less.)

Oh, and soccer season! Which, around here, is turning into a twelve-months-a-year, all-season sport--at least with my daughter “Pandora” (I always use the pseudonyms I use in my books when I talk about my children). Wish me luck on the weather. It was well into May last year and I was still bundled up in my Eskimo coat, mittens, quilts, and warm socks to watch a game in blizzard weather.

My current favorite things are:

Sketch books, my around-the-house hoodie, and the old record player and cabinet we just found at a yard sale.

By the way...

Kudos to my sister Sheila who manages Charbonneau’s Chocolates, which is also becoming a member of the Apricot Lane family.

And a shout out to...

Ellie Brown, who is probably dog-tired at this point in time because she’s running around making everyone’s life just a little sweeter--and to Teen Challenge Montana, which is one of Miss Ellie’s causes.

A halloo and a thank you to John Martinez, my brother-in-law, who saved my sorry, tech-challenged self and helped me move forward with this website.

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